Best places in Italy to get marry

If you are thinking about living your Italian wedding experience you will be surprised for the opportunities Italy can offer in terms of destinations and settings. Italian regions are so different and there are a lot of beautiful places still unknown.

Tuscany: The most romantic region where all your dreams can come true. This fabulous Italian region is known for its breathless landscapes, for its history and its artistic value. Romanticism and Dolce Vita mood are everywhere: from art cities to amazing hills.

Piedmont: Have you ever thought about Piedmont? Piedmont is a northwest Italian region surrounded by mountains.  The capital is Turin and Piedmont is the second largest Italy’s region. Piedmont is still unknown but it’s a very beautiful region: 7.6% of its territory is considered protected area! Here you can find everything you want: from the beautiful city of Turin (the first Italy’s capital), to marvelous mountains such as Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso, from the damp rice paddies of Vercelli to the fabulous hillsides of the Langhe and of Monferrato where you can taste some of the best Italian wines.

Liguria: an amazing costal region of north-western Italy. Cinque Terre, Portofino, Portovenere are the best-known locations but you can also find amazing landscape on the Riviera di Ponente: elegant towns such as Bordighera and San Remo are waiting for you to live your Italian wedding experience.

Aosta Valley: If you love mountains you should consider this marvelous region. Aosta Valley is the smallest, less populated mountainous region in northwestern Italy. Here you can live your Italian wedding experience on the top of the Mont Blanc, on the Monte Rosa or even in one of the wonderful medieval castles. Your winter wedding is waiting for you.

Lombardy: Not only Milan but a great variety of landscapes are waiting for you to live your Italian wedding experience! If you are thinking about an unforgettable luxury wedding you should consider Como Lake, Aorta Lake or Maggiore Lake: beautiful and romantic landscapes, five stars hotels and fabulous villas together with extraordinary cultural, artistic and natural heritage are waiting for you.

Veneto: Venice is the most romantic city in the world. If you are dreaming about a luxury wedding this is the best choice. Great Italian food, artistic heritage, unforgettable landscapes and romanticism everywhere make Venice the most magical place to get marry.

Lazio: Rome is probably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This enchanting Eternal City is rich in term of historical and cultural heritage and offers an incredible variety of legendary iconic landmarks. In Rome you and your guests will live an authentic italian wedding experience with great food, romantic places, amazing work of arts and an unforgettable Dolce Vita mood at every corner.

Campania: Capri is for sure one of the most enchanting places for an unforgettable luxury marriage. Unique locations and breathtaking landscapes make Capri Island a marvelous place to say “I do”. Not only Capri, even the sunshine Amalfi Coast: great food, friendly people, amazing sea view, south Italy Dolce Vita mood and flowers everywhere.

Puglia: Puglia is a sunshine south region and it’s an emerging wedding destination. Traditional Italian style, amazing blue sea postcard views, friendly people and great food are only a part of what Puglia can offer. This region is definitely the best choice if you want to enjoy your and your guests’ stay in Italy.

Sardinia: This marvelous island is the perfect location if you are looking for an elegant and sophisticated luxury wedding. Spectacular turquoise-blue sea, Mediterranean vegetation and a limitless choice of venues make Sardinia an extraordinary place to say “I do”. Let your dream come true just in front of the sea or in an elegant private villa.

Sicily: Sicily is a magical Island and here you can find everything you have always dreamt about. From luxury weddings in Taormina to real Italian wedding experience in ancient seaside villages, from vinery wedding experience to exclusive wedding on the beach. If you are looking for an elegant sunshine real Italian Dolce Vita wedding Sicily is absolutely the best choice.

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Moreover, we can help you arrange your luxury wedding in France in the beautiful region of the Cote d’Azur and in the unique Principality of Monaco. 

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